Space Goblin Attack

A fast-paced 2D action game that starts you off playing a humble human surviver in time when Goblins are attacking Earth. You take your hero on a journey from deffending Earth to fighting the Goblins in their homeland.

Download Instructions

When running the game, Windows will ask if you are sure you want to run it,because unknown ".exe" files are seen as a threat by Windows

Please click accept and run the game anyway in order to play the game.

A Proper Installation package will be coming soon, in order for this Windows notification not to pop up for players.

Download Here

How it was made

I created a 2D arcade style adventure game using GML. The first level takes the style of classic 2D platform game, where as in the second level is has very similar mechanics to the classic Space Invaders arcade game.

Further Developments To Come

Firstly there are a 2-3 bugs that need fixing (mostly in the first level).

After that is completed, I will be looking to create a 2 player split screen Co-op mode, so a friend can help you save the world!


1 / 3
The First Level takes place on earth.
2 / 3
In the Second Level you take the fight to them.
3 / 3
What happens if you lose!