Arduino boards have the ability to read a variety of inputs and then create an output. Both of these tasks are taken on through the set of instructions the developer sends to the microcontroller on the board.

The instructions are delivered in the form of the Arduino programming language, using the Arduino IDE.

You can use light sensors, touch sensors, infrared sensors and even motion sensors as inputs and you can choose how to output this information.

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Each of my arduino designs complete specific everyday tasks.

These tasks range from things like sensing the temperature and displaying it on an LCD, completing a traffic light simulation, sensing light levels and displaying it on an LCD.

You can find all my past projects below:

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Further Developments To Come

I want to create a remote control operated lock for a door. The arduino will be attached to the door and lock, awaiting the signal of the remote to open and close it.

Another cool project I have in mind is to create a home security system using RFID readers along with motion sensors that set off after sensing motion after a specific time in the day.


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Traffic Light Diagram
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Caption Three